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In our daily business at unexpected, we are constantly checking and reviewing hundreds of rendered frames in lots of file formats, sizes and situations. DJV is the one tying all of our 3d- and vfx-production processes together, no matter what format in which type of project. Its fast loading, ease to use and stability is key to visual communication in our daily work since years.

Christian Arlt, Animation Director, unexpected GmbH

In 2010, I worked on my first 4K in color grading and printing to film. I was not able to do it if DJV view doesn't exist to check final picture in DPX. In this time, the max playback rate was about 13/fps. In 2015, I can playback with this very great tool 4K cinema (4096x2304) @ 25/fps on a true 4K display. I built my workflow with DJV view in a very important function: It makes me able to check the final image that will be encoded in DCP with normal playback. Thank you very much to the author.

Philippe Perrot, 4K Color Grader and DCP Packer, Freelance

At GPS we use more involved solutions for advanced and remote client reviews and dailies but there's a lot to be said about a small lightweight frame viewer. And DJV does a great job at it. The fact that is open source, with a full set of codec libraries, portable and fully cross-platform makes a very easy decision when adopting it as a default tool for artists to review their work with. Its command-line implementation made it seamless to integrate it with our pipeline. We have it integrated in our main proprietary software hub and through it we have also embedded DJV inside other 2D and 3D solutions we use.

Nuno Pereira, 3D Supervisor, Gramercy Park Studios

The DJV Imaging suite of tools are the backbone of our transcoding pipeline. Hundreds of input plates and renders pass through DJV in our facility on a weekly basis without a hitch. The DJV suite of tools also integrate nicely throughout our scripting pipeline making it easy to build custom tools for our producers, artists and supervisors for publishing dailies, transcoding and reviewing footage. I am constantly amazed at its performance and value in our pipeline. If you're looking for a way to improve your pipeline DJV imaging should be a top consideration.

Mike Romey, Senior Technical Director and Lead Pipeline Architect, Zoic Studios

DJV is the first viewer in our studio that 'just worked' on all platforms. Your focus on stability and ease of use made adopting DJV as our primary viewer an easy decision.

Harry Michalakeas, Director of Pipeline and Technical Supervision, REEL FX ENTERTAINMENT

We use DJV Viewer here at Frantic Films for playing flipbooks, QuickTimes, and raw 2k+ renders across the network. It has a nice uncluttered UI, customizable keys, and its robust tools have fantastic options for anyone needing a strong RAM player. It's ability to write out proxy footage is a valuable tool and it allows us to quickly get artists up and running precomps or doing matchmoves. I'd have to give this program an 11 out of 10 for usability.

Chris Pember, Lighting and Rendering Lead, Frantic Films

I would like to thank you for the excellent DJV image viewing application you have developed. The quality of this product, combined with your willingness to implement new features and the speed in which you implement these features has made this an indispensable tool in our QA pipeline. This application easily rivals other commercial tools.

Ofer Zelichover, CTO, Snowball|VFX